Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Emily And I...A Finish!

A friend from work has been coming over to do some denim sewing in the last few months.
She's moving soon so we had to hurry and finish up her second jean rag quilt.
It turned out great!!!
Being a blue lover I love the colors she chose from my stash :)
It was a fun project to work on together.
I finished something too, last week!
This is the back of a throw quilt requested by a high school classmate of mine.
She needed a green quilt with a foot pocket for her son.
I was sewing away and looked at the wrong numbers and made it too big first.  So I used the strips and pieces I had to cut off to add to the backing.  I wanted something simple and not to fancy.  I used the simple strip quilt method.
Hurray for finishes AND for visits from friends :)  James and Aubrey were passing through on their way to Missouri.  I didn't think to take a picture until they were leaving at 6am so disregard my sleepy morning appearance :)

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  1. How fun!! And to put a pocket on the back is such a great idea!! How have I never thought or heard of that before!! Friends are the best :)