Monday, March 30, 2015

Finish It Up Monday?...Purple Chevron, Baby!

I found myself working with purple again!
A co-worker asked if I could make her a rounded quilt for her soon-to-arrive bundle.
They got a round crib and couldn't find a quilt to go with, so I did my best!
 She gave me free reign, but asked for purple, gray, chevrons and polka dots.
I accidentally made the circle too big so I had leftover chevron pieces.
I decided that I'd just use them on the back.  It really could just be a reversible quilt!
 Yay, for my new labels :)

 I had lots of leftover strips when I finished.  I wasn't actually working from a pattern so I over cut a bit.  I just sewed some of the extras together for another little matching blanket.
Both of her girls will be "K" kids and so I machine-appliqued a "K" in the corner.
 The second blanket doesn't have any batting, just the two layers.  I did a stitch and flip with it to make it go quicker.
Fun stuff!



  1. These both turned out so cute! Love the curved corners and that they are reversible.