Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Easter Family Time.

Easter fun!
We brought some games along this year.  They made for great entertainment :)
There was Twister.
 Kenson and Quinn's Twister challenge.
 Worked well until the little guy decided to join in :)
 The adults refrained from that game.

 My beautiful mother!
 We did do a small egg hunt.  Gma brought some eggs filled with coinage for them to find.
 Kai wasn't terribly interested, he was more interested in finding the dogs.

 Who needs a basket?
 Then the kiddos did some kite flying.  It was pretty windy, but they got them going.

 I watched.

 We played 10 Days Across Africa too.
 We drew Derek in for the last round :)
A great day with family!


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