Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quilty Fixes!

I was recently asked to do some repair work to a few old quilts.  I agreed to give it a shot, not knowing exactly it would look like.  They are beautiful quilts!!
 Amazing embroidery details!
 And hand quilting.
 On this lavender quilt, this yucky guy was right in the middle :S
 The second also sported some fabulous handwork.

 It had shred like tears along the two sides and one spot in the middle.
 I believe I was able to make them display worthy.
I was able to simply cut a strip off the two edges that were torn and then use part of that to patch the tear in the middle.  You can see that in covering the holes, the corners no longer are perfectly matched.
 I simply bound the two cut edges with a similar pink from my stash.
 A simple muslin worked on the back.
 I was unable to find an exact match on the purple.  So I simply cut out a piece from one of the corners and used it here to patch the hole.
 I used my nearly the same purple to patch the corner that I used.
It was fun to get creative in mending these wonderful, old quilts.  I hope they are enjoyed for years to come.


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