Monday, July 27, 2015

Oh, The Average Days of Summer

Summer has flown by once again.
Working straight through sure makes it go faster.
Some highlights of the last few weeks.
Sunday afternoon at the byway barn: 
 We worked out Quinn's 4-H photography.  We were doing shadow fun and trick photography.
 They have some lovely flowers at the barn.
 And a lovely reminder of the prairie.  You're good as long as you don't turn around and realize there is a town right behind you :)
 Brenna and I braved the heat and went to the top of the hill again.
We played some War.
 There is quite a view from the top.
 Enjoyed an evening with K O-J in Kearney.  There is a new historical marker right outside of town.  Someone's last name was Bearss, so we posed as bears.
 Tis the 4-H season, we managed not to do too much this year.  Brenna did finish her quilt she started 5 years ago :)  Go, Brenna, go!

 We had a mini family game night after Quinn's horse practice last week.
He requested this pizza dip that he saw on facebook.  It turned out pretty good.
 Mom tweaked her back last week so she played Apples To Apples from the chair.

And now the county fair is upon us and things actually are slowing down.


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