Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I'm Going On a Camping Trip and I'm Taking...

...my little siblings!
It was time for a fun activity just for the three of us.  Quinn went camping earlier this summer with a friend and thought it would be a good idea.  Mom and dad aren't too keen on the idea of sleeping in a tent, so a sibling adventure it became.
We drove up to the reservoir about an hour away and found the cheaper campsites.  It was lovely to be there mid-week, only a few other people there.  We got our tent set up with the assistance of the campground host's hammer.
After managing to make enough fire for some hot dogs we headed to the beach.
These two are so much fun, I love them so!  There was a lot of mud slinging that happened.  You can see a bit on my face there, I was not immune from being hit.
We brought Scotchie along since she is so calm.  She hung out under the lawn chair on the beach.
It was so beautiful and so nice to just be and forget all my worries.
We took a walk down the cement pier thing.

It was fun to walk through the trees along the shore.
They would normally be in water, but with the time of year and irrigation happening we got to explore.
Selfie with Scotchie...she is not impressed.
She was uber excited to go in the tent when it got late...straight onto Brenna's bed.
It rained in the wee hours of the morning and kept raining and blowing for quite awhile.  Needless to say, we spent most of the morning hanging out in the tent and eating granola bars.  Our wood we saved to cook our eggs and bacon over was outside...in the rain.
Once out, we decided to explore another area of the shore until it warmed up a bit.

The sun did come out and by then it was time to eat some lunch.  We did have a bag of charcoal, so we fired up our grill and made our burgers, more hot dogs and coffee!
It was my first time grilling and it went pretty good, yay!
I made them take some historical marker pictures just for reminiscence sake.  In getting this marker, back in the day, I received my first and only speeding ticket...awww memories.

We went back to the beach after lunch.

Scotchie has impeccable timing.  She chose our walk across the beach for her pooping time both days...
We made a sand "castle."
Then we buried each other.

This is me, begging Quinn to scratch my nose!!

I had a meeting that night, so mid afternoon saw us packing up and heading home.
I stopped here at this back road little memorial before we left.


  1. That looks like so much fun, I love camping! Don't you feel accomplished after cooking over a fire? I remember feeling so excited after I made a meal over a campfire!

    1. Oh, my it felt like a huge accomplishment. We used nearly half the box of matches just getting the fire started :S It was so much fun making memories together though!