Friday, December 11, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...A Mish Mash

I actually have two finishes this week!
A friend invited me to come along with her to make a barn quilt.
It was just an informal gathering of mostly family who got together and made them.
I'm not sure what the name of this block actually is, but I do like how it turned out!
Now to get it mounted :)
 I also "finished" my Christmas t-shirt quilt order...sort of.  I did the remaining six and got them delivered last week.  I was wrong in my counting somewhere so when the delivery lady said she found another bag of t-shirts in her trunk I was confused!
 So these are all done and delivered and tomorrow I will get the REAL final quilt delivered.
I was using a faux black burlap fabric from Connecting Threads for all of the sashing.  I guess I bought it all!  So, I had to find another similarly colored fabric for the final three.  It is a gray on black woodgrain fabric.

 As I get older, Christmas creeps up on me faster and faster.  I can hardly believe it is only 2 weeks away.  We got our annual Christmas Blessing pictures taken.  Here are the fam :)


  1. Your barn quilt is super cool! That's on my list of quilty projects I want to try. And how many T-shirt quilts did you make??? Wow lady, that is a huge accomplishment! Hope you're having a happy holiday season!

    1. I made 9 t-shirt quilts! It was quite a project... Can't believe Christmas is nearly here again. Have a great holiday season as well :)