Monday, December 07, 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

We took our annual trip to Stuhr Museum on Friday!  The main building is open again and filled with Christmas trees.  I think this one was Brenna and Quinn's favorite :)  I really liked the one that had ornaments and a paper chain made from pages of books.
 We took in the other displays inside first too, I loved this crazy quilt. Go figure!
 It was a lovely evening for wandering between buildings, it has been super cold other years.  The fires in each house and shop felt good nonetheless!
 The stand for this goose-feather tree played music and rotated.
 We went for members night and sadly there was no one playing in the church.  I missed not getting to sit and listen there.
 Brenna made her annual ornament in one of the houses.
 On Saturday we made the trek out to find our tree.  We are cedar tree scavengers and I enjoy it so much!  Brenna and I dressed up for the occasion.
 First we had to stop and drop off a lick tub to the horses.
 Do you like my socks?!
 As is customary, we cut down more than one tree.  Here is number one!
 Hmmm, here is number two...better shaped than number one but more prickly.
 Driving home we found another good looking one.  Get me the other saw and cutters, Alissa...short girl problems.
 Upon getting number three cut down, we left number two behind due to its prickly state.
 Pull, pull!
 We got home and discovered that number three's branches all pointed up so much that ornaments wouldn't actually hang well...and so last night we decorated the lovely number one!
 Quinn organized his ornaments by year.  There is a gaping, naked hole on one side of this tree.  It is at the back next to the dog kennel so it doesn't look to bad!
 They move too fast!

 Mom bought two cool, Christmas puzzles for St. Nicholas day.
 So, we ladies put one together while we all watched It Happened On 5th Avenue.

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