Friday, February 19, 2016

Finish It Up Friday...Marigold and Gray Wedding Treasure

I finished!  This was such a fun project!
A little more on this quilt here.
I did mostly echo quilting on this one, and a star in the signed blocks.
It is hard to see, even in person, but I did diamonds in the border, big then small all the way around.
My backings are getting a lot better.  This one is actually straight with the edge of the quilt!!  And I didn't even try to get those stars right in the center of the gray!  Hurray!
I machine bound it in one of the grays.
This is a king size.
Shipped off to its new home!


  1. Fabulous!! They will treasure it for sure!! King size?! Wow!! I have yet to attempt a quilt that big, although I've had one in my head for a few years....
    (did you know you are a no-reply blogger?)
    Happy sewing ~ Tracy

    1. Thanks :) What do you mean by a no-reply blogger?

  2. This is SO special! What an a great show of love. :)

  3. Beautiful! A king size?! Great work - thanks for sharing at the Finish it up Friday linkup :)

  4. Gorgeous. I love the color combo. A very nice gift.

  5. What a great wedding quilt with all those messages - your friends must be so thrilled!

  6. I love visiting other people's blogs because what you see there can really change your mind .... I would have said that I don't really like yellow as a colour and wouldn't plan it is a main colour for a quilt .... and then I see this and have to rethink! This is really lovely. Congrats on the finish. You visited my blog today aswell but I can't reply because you are a no-reply blogger :(

  7. Thank you ladies! Also, I think I've fixed the no-reply blogger issue. Had no idea! :)