Friday, March 11, 2016

Finish It Up Friday...Horses, Horses and Double-Knit?

A friend gave me some fabric last year.  We were pre-Junk Jaunt purchasing something and she just gave me the fabric instead of charging me.
In it were some coordinating fabrics and horse blocks.  She wasn't sure what the intended project was since the person who had them has passed away.
I was going through some fabric and found them again recently.
I decided to make it for my friend as a surprise :)
I added in the navy print and the red from my own stash to enlarge it to a small throw size.
I'm not sure on the measurements.  I forgot to get them before I mailed it off.
I'm not very confident in my free-motion quilting, so I decided to give loops a whirl.
I turned out better than I expected!!
It was a fun project and she was thrilled with her surprise!
I also finished this quilt top.  My grandma asked me to put a border on it.  It is a quilt top my great-grandmother made out of her double-knit clothing.  I'm impressed that she did a pattern with this one.
I added the black border and just did a flip and stitch with a bright pink double-knit I had for backing.
Grandma said I could just tie it but I don't really like that method.  I didn't use any batting either.  So I just did simple quilting.  A big X through the center colored X of rectangles and then one on each side of the smaller sections.

Hurray for finishes!!



  1. Your horse quilt is great - presumably your friend loves horses or has one of her own? My two grand-daughters own horses so any quilt I make them has to include horses too.

    And how lovely to work on a quilt made by your greatgrandma! That must be where you got your quilting genes from. I'm the only one in my extended family who quilts, and have never heard of any earlier generations doing it.

    1. Thanks! Yes, my mom quilted when she was younger. My great grandmother only ever quilted with her double-knit fabric :)

  2. I love the horse quilt. You did a great job. And your grannies quilt is awesome too.
    I was reading your profile and wanted to follow you. But I didn't see a button. But I did see the Gateway button. Are we neighbors. I live in DFW!

    1. Hmm, I'll see what I can do! No, we're not neighbors if DFW means Dallas-Fort Worth. I live in Nebraska.

  3. Great work with both quilts. I know many young girls who would love that horse quilt.