Saturday, April 02, 2016

Stuhr Museum Shares the Civil War

I love Stuhr museum!  I love the feeling of going back in time to a time I'm sure I just romanticize.  But, I want to just move in every time I go.
This trip did not disappoint.  I went with the home school group to a Civil War day this week.
 All of the kids were "enlisted" in either the Confederate or Union army.
 They did a great job of mixing teaching types, both hands on and just audible/visual presentation.
We got to go in the big red barn too!!! I've been waiting to get inside that beautiful barn :)
 In the loft we learned about camp conditions, things issued by the government, sickness, shoes, so much.
 Hehe, the demonstration of packing into a tent was funny.  Synchronized rolling was good too!
 They learned to march.
 The entire group was split in two, so after they had "mastered" the marching we swapped with the other half and went back to the church.  These fearless soldiers were on the other side ;)

 We learned about more aspects of the war, roles women played, how younger boys made it in and heard some great real life people and their stories.
 The groups combined and they learned about the weapons of war.  No worries, the guns were simple wooden cut out and they were very strict about direction of the guns at ALL times.
 Aww, the barn!
 Hehe, in the faux battle of these groups the south won.
 Captured, weapons confiscated and sent back to the church.
 The next part was about the wounded and how the field hospitals worked, changed and improved by the end of the war.
I spent a lot of time playing on my phone and taking stock of my surroundings.
 Such a pretty church!

 I get queasy sometimes quite easily so I just put my head down on the pew in front of me and looked at my phone to keep from hearing and my body reacting.  Haha, he asked about half way through if I was ok!  Hurray for no fainting!!
 We stopped at the gift shops for one of our passengers on the way out.
Aren't the ducks pretty!?
 This is proof of how close I got to them.  I'm not a fowl lover, but I was brave ;)

 We even saw the heron on our way out!
Thanks again, Stuhr!!



  1. Looks like you had a great day! Aren't these kind of places just the way history should be learnt? We studied the English Civil War last year in a co-op group and then visited a local battlefield and a historic house which holds re-enactment days.

    1. Reenactments are super cool!

  2. Sounds like a fun (and long!) day :-) The barn is beautiful! You've just made me realize I haven't seen the heron that visits our pond in quite some time. hmmm. I hope he is okay! (love how you captured some sparkles on the water)
    ~ Tracy

    1. I had not even noticed the sparkles on the water. Thanks for pointing them out!