Sunday, June 12, 2016

Enjoying The Season and the Doing

I bought a house almost a month ago.  I took a leap into the "grown up" world and bought a house.  I surprised even myself at times dealing with all of the different people involved and making all those stinking phone calls.  I am so excited for this chapter, this season.
It isn't a move in ready sale either, well it could have been sort of, but... I don't have to be out of my parent's abode by a certain date and it really does need some TLC.  I have been pulling up carpet and funky linoleum stuff, painting, spray painting, etc...
The kitchen floor needed the most love and attention.  It required the most assistance as well.  Pulled up the carpet to find simple plywood covered in glue.
I have had awesome help from my family!  Many have offered to help as well, I'm just never sure what kind of help I'll need and when.  Their turn may come ;)
This is a wall in the downstairs bedroom, soon to be my sewing room.  The brown was nice but a little too dark for sewing.
It feels so good to have the walls lightened, next is the floor in that space.  It was starting to really get to me last week that I hadn't finished one space completely.  Everything takes longer than I imagine it will and requires more than I think and I began to get a bit discouraged.
I just let myself dwell on the negative and chose to try and handle it in my own strength.  I just wanted to be DONE!  Then there is the kitchen...  I got the cupboards spray painted.
Here is a before and after of the kitchen walls.  I love the cheeriness of this yellow!

Brenna helped with the removal of the ucky carpet.  Oh, those floors.
My parents deserve the credit on the floor.  Mom found a couple of youtube videos on using plywood cut into 8 inch planks and then laid as you would hardwood flooring.  She made Dad watch and rewatch those and then we had a plan.  I was a bit freaked out by that too.  I was just nervous about the whole process and struggled to trust.
I wanted control...
Silly me.  Here it is with baseboards down.
Getting the boards went pretty smooth, the guys at Builders even cut the planks for us.
And then it was Saturday and time for Dad and I to spend some "quality" time together putting it in.  Eek!  But, God is so good and faithful.  I constantly have been reminding myself to just breathe and trust those that God has given me.  He is bigger than a silly home rehab project and He has big plans for me in this house.  I just need to let go of the controls :)
I was concerned about taking out the sink went fine.
Haha, do I look frazzled?!  This has been my attire for the last couple of weeks, every evening after work!
I worked on the accent wall upstairs one evening just to relax and do something other than think about that floor and the upcoming installation.  Needs another coat, but I like!
Here goes the first board!!!
Dad is awesome and we had a good time together.
I'm so glad that I gave it to the Lord and took an opportunity that I don't often get, alone time working with my dad.
It was a hot one and a lot of crawling, gluing, sawing and nailing, but we did it.  We both agreed it was a good thing we were doing a rectangle room and didn't have to cut around any obstacles :)  And we didn't even try to shoot each other with the nail gun!
This is my "Oh my goodness, we did it!" face!
I made him take this one, because I LOVE how it looks so far!
Next, whitewash and polyurethane!!
I'll leave you with some of the lovely flowers my mom planted for me!
God is so good, I look forward to more adventures with His leading!


  1. AMAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I so CANNOT EVEN WAIT CANNOT EVEN WAIT to come to say with you in your new house!!!!!!

  2. How very exciting!!! And overwhelming!!! Congratulations :-)