Friday, September 23, 2016

Finish It Up Friday...Almost Chevron Baby

Hurray, I get to post about quilting again!! Oh, how I missed my sewing machine for the good month of house prep, packing and moving.  Not all done yet, but glad to be able to have some sewing therapy again.
Babies are wonderful! And making baby quilts is awesome when Joann's has a fabulous sale and the colors work for multiple quilts!!  Love the colors my friends picked.
 Not only am I getting to sew, but I have a FINISH!
A friend from my time living in Omaha is expecting a precious bundle soon.  We've kept in contact over the years since I lived there and I was so blessed to be asked to make a baby quilt for her.
This is the inspiration she had for the baby room and quilt.
This is the inspiration I found using what she gave me.
It is a very simple pattern so I just picked a size of half square triangle block that would give me a crib size quilt.  It went together pretty quick. 
 I worked hard at getting my points to match!
 I liked my inspiration quilt, but felt that borders would make it more to my liking.
Yay, for a finished quilt top :)
 I toyed with the idea of appliqueing a few clouds on to bring in that element of her inspiration, but just didn't want to go that route.
 And so, here it is finished!  A lovely 36 in x 42 in finish!
 And I got the clouds in there.  I quilted them in!  I was brave again and went free motion.  Much easier on such a small quilt.
 I used the remaining squares and strips already cut to fill in part of the backing.  It almost makes it reversible...if you ignore the triangles in the corner for hanging.
 More clouds :)
 Here is a "I'm going to try and be creative" shot with my teddy bear.
 I have had these two little plain onesies floating around my sewing room for a few years now.  I decided to applique some little features on as a gift!

So excited for this little guy to arrive! He has an amazing momma :)



  1. What a beautiful baby-quilt! I love these colors!
    Wonderful! :D

  2. super cute! I'm sure momma and baby will love it :-)

  3. What a sweet baby quilt, I bet your friend loves it! Glad you're getting some sewing time in again. :)