Friday, September 09, 2016

Floored To Be Finished With Floors!

Let me share the process of floors.
Both upstairs bedrooms looked like this under the carpet, ugly brown painted wide floor boards.
 This is where my little hand sander and I came in!
 Many hours upon hands and knees.
 I wanted just a nice, airy cottage feel upstairs so I painted the floors white.

 Then it was on to the sewing room floor.  It was mostly sanded down, but had paint and plaster splatters all over.
 My sander and I were back at it.
 There happened to be stain that matched the closet here in the house when I moved in.  I used it to stain the lovely wood.
 Poly down and it was looking gorgeous!
The rooms upstairs needed quarter round, the sewing room needed the gap covered and the living room needed baseboards.  Paint, paint paint.

 When I started with the house I thought the living room floor looked great and wouldn't have to be touched.  Not so after I saw it next to my beautiful sewing room floor.
 Back to the rhythm of sand, stain and poly.
 It is so shiny!!

I'm done with flooring...well until I figure out what to do in the bathroom, and the back porch.



  1. SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! This looks wonderful. :D

  2. wow! those floors are gorgeous! great work!

  3. SQUEEAL!!!! Those all look AMAZING!!! Great Job!!!! (I do hope you sprung for some knee pads?!)

  4. Oh man, so much work with that little sander. Your floors look beautiful, great job!