Friday, December 02, 2016

Finish It Up Friday...Baby L's Pow-Wow

 Yay, for a finish!
My nephew came to visit for Thanksgiving...well, they all came :D
 I wanted to make sure and have his quilt done in time.  We won't see them for Christmas so we opened gifts the weekend after Thanksgiving and he got his quilt.
 It is the Pow-Wow pattern by Cluck, Cluck, Sew.
I planned to make a whale block to replace to side by sides of the arrow blocks on the front...but I forgot.
 So on the back it is!  I didn't have to figure out a certain size that way since I didn't have a pattern.
 I see much quilt hanging for pictures in the future with my cute fence!

 He is still little so his mama got to open the quilt.
 Enjoy, buddy!
He is so adorable!



  1. visiting from crazy mum quilts. What a gorgeous quilt and a gorgeous wee boy.

    1. Thanks for visiting :) It was a fun quilt to make and I'll agree, he is a gorgeous wee boy :)

  2. It's beautiful, Alissa! I'm sure your nephew and his momma will love it for many years :-) YAY for seeing far away family! I hope you got to load up on baby snuggles and sweet coos. Those eyes! He looks a smidge on the mischievous side ;-) and I adore his chubby little hands...

    1. The baby snuggles and coos were WONDERFUL :) Love me some baby time! And I know he'll have a michievous side!

  3. Hooray! What a sweet lil guy! And your quilt turned out super cute, love the whale on the back.