Friday, December 30, 2016

Finish It Up Friday...Pretty Bird, Pillow.

 Now that the gift giving has happen I can share a finish!
This one was a gift to my cousin...continuing our saga of gift giving jokes.  I went with our previous bird theme and made him a pretty parakeet pillow.
Isn't the back lovely?
 I found a paper pieced pattern for a bird and then did some altering to make it look like our pet now gone, Fred the parakeet.  I didn't want Derek to forget what he looked like ;)  Hehe!
I think my favorite part is the way he "looks" at you.  I probably should have made it bigger and had a bigger form, but now he curves around a bit.  So if you place him on the couch next to you...he can look at you :D
 I gave it to Derek on Christmas, which we spent at my aunt's new home.  It was so neat to get and see her new house :) So happy for her!
Don't these folks look like trouble?  Unfortunately, my cousin wasn't feeling well and had to leave as soon as gifts were opened.
 I hung out with this little dude quite a while.  He's so fun!
 When I went to England last fall I bought some of their gift crackers as Christmas goodies...only I forgot to give them last year.  I remembered this year and they even came with paper crowns.
 Beards were given.
 Hats with light clips were given.
 And games for the little guy...

 Derek is such a good sport!  I gave him a real gift last year...just for the record.
 He really liked the fabric on the back of the pillow which gives me inspiration for next year :)

 There was a bit of a mishap with the salad :S
 I gave this gift...and got to help put it together.
What, might you ask did my cousin give me?  Well, I opened a box of cans.  He gave 10 cans of canned food...all without labels!!
I may have to share the gamble that is opening each can!



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas time! Your bird pillow is awesome and I bet your cousin likes it for real. Can't wait to see what's in your mystery cans haha!

  2. sounds like a super fun day!