Friday, December 09, 2016

Finish It Up Friday...Project Christmas Tree

While the fam was still here I decided it was time to go get my Christmas tree found!
My mom and siblings were down with colds and I knew the littles needed some fresh air even though it was quite cold!
I told them to keep their eyes peeled for a good tree.
 They were quite helpful and I'm pretty sure my niece actually spied the one we got.
 Getting a Christmas tree is my favorite family tradition and it was another fun tradition to share with these guys.
 Hmm, how about this one...maybe a bit too big!
 What about this one in the fence? Maybe! 
 My sister got to man the camera and told me to go hide in the little protected area.  So silly!
 Look at that adorable grin!
 My oldest nephew was my saw assistant and did a great job.
It takes a lot longer than I thought to saw through a little 4 in diameter trunk!  His advice, "We should have brought a hatchet!"
 A bit of brute force brought it down in the end.
 Now, I don't always think things through.  We had my parent's minivan sister in law, my sister and 4 kids!  Where exactly I was planning to fit the tree...I"m not sure.
 We laid the back seats down and got it in there...which meant a few miles of squished kids.
 Hehe, I couldn't get the tips in the door so we just shut them in.  Don't they look like grinch fingers sticking out?!  Haha, oh the adventure!
 My youngest nephew stayed in the van but I had to get a picture of his cute little lumberjack vest he wore along!  So appropriate for the occasion!
I pictured a tree fitting nicely in the corner of my living room by the sewing room door.  Wow, this tree is so much bigger than I was picturing.  It takes up the entire end of the room!! I for sure can't start a fire in my woodstove until it is gone. 
Getting a cedar tree from out in a  pasture pretty much guarantees an odd shaped, funny looking tree.  However, the lovely aroma that fills my little house is wonderful!  It wasn't what I expected, but I'm happy with my very first Christmas tree!!


  1. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Still adorable!

  2. I love this so much because my family does the exact same thing! Grandma Z always had one of these scrappy cedar trees as her Christmas tree every year. What a fun memory for your nieces and nephews! And I think your tree is just perfect in your new place :)

    1. Aw, thanks! It is always a lot of fun!

  3. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Loved your blog post!! It brought back some great memories....
    The one and only time that my husband and I cut down our Christmas tree was an event I will never, never forget....
    We had been married about four years (this was 40 years ago...yes, I am old!!)....and decided to take this trip to a Christmas tree farm...well, after looking at hundreds of trees, we found the absolutely perfect tree...perfect shape, no empty spaces, like I said, it was perfect!! So we cut it down, loaded it into the car and brought it home. We did all the things we had been told to do....put it in a bucket of water, brought it into the house to acclimate to the indoors a couple of days before we were planning to decorate the tree....At this point everything is going great.... Then came the day to put it in the stand....Oh No!!!! The trunk was too big to fit in the stand!! So, we had to cut off the bottom of the tree until we got to the point that the trunk was small enough for the stand....Well, our beautiful 7 foot tree ended up being about 5 feet...and, that was way too short! So we brought in a couple of cinder blocks, and set the tree on them.... We loved that tree, even the shorter version, but we will never forget that adventure....We now have an artificial tree, but every year when we decorate it, we always talk about the tree we went to cut down ourselves.....
    Your tree is lovely, and I know you will enjoy it throughout the holiday season...thanks for sharing!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
    Sandra B

  4. Hey, we've paid good money for *far* less-than-perfect trees many times! Your adventures and the associated memories are great :-) I love that last picture!! Your house is coming together nicely :-) I do hope you don't get cold before Christmas!!
    ~ Tracy