Thursday, December 08, 2016

Sharing the Joy of a Stuhr Museum Christmas

 I love our family's annual tradition of attending Stuhr Museum's Christmas event.
I kind of wish I had grown up in the era of the 1890s and it is such a neat thing to step back in time a bit.
 This year we had the privilege of taking my sister-in-law, niece and two nephews along!  It made the experience that much more rich.  We followed the path of lighted candles.  Had to curb their excitement a bit by standing next to one to wait for their mom and Nana :)
 The only drawback to going to the evening event is that pictures are difficult to take well.  I try!  We stopped at one of the cabins we had never been to, first.  It was so cold outside, but warm and toasty inside!  The 2nd cabin the kids got to string some popcorn for a garland.
 The blacksmith shop is always an interesting stop.  His bauble didn't turn out this time, but the process was still mesmerizing.
 We all got in on making tincicles in the tin shop.

 A stop in the railway station warmed us up.  We had to get creative to talk the kids out of buying cookies and hot chocolate.  They were a promised a treat further down the line ;)
 As a family of cyclists, the boys were intrigued by the old bicycle in the crate.  Wouldn't that be fun to climb up on?!

 The wood shop was full of people too!  Each of the kids put together a little train car.  I was impressed this year by the number of young people volunteering and doing the crafts.  They were all so kind and helpful!

 Brenna and mom always look forward to making an ornament in one of the houses.  We were a bit shocked when we walked in and it was set for a Christmas dinner.  No worries, they assured us that the ornaments were still being made...just in the town hall instead.
 The kids ground cinnamon.  Glad it comes ground these days!
 I was excited about making an ornament this year too!  I have my own Christmas tree and wanted more ornaments to fill its branches.

Twas a lovely time!


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