Friday, January 20, 2017

Finish It Up Friday...Saying Goodbye and A Pretty Little Apron.

Last Friday was a finish, a finish of a life.  My last remaining grandparent, my grandma Ardes passed away last week and her funeral was last Friday.  It was a beautiful, yet hard day. 
 Losing a loved one can be so surreal, like they are just gone for a bit.  I catch myself nearly asking mom how Grandma was today and then I remember...she's gone.  She was a fun lady, a people person!  I've always said she could find a way that we are related to over half of the county :)
 It was lovely having family all together, but it was hard knowing that it came from a great loss.

 Is it weird to have a sewing post in the same place?  I don't know.  Life continues, that is the uncanny way it goes.
 I made an apron!  My parents gave me this apron kit for Christmas!
 When mom and I went on the mystery bus trip this cute apron was on display at one of the shops.  I asked one of the ladies if they had a kit for it and she said they were out, but could make one and send it out to me.  She was busy with other people and so I just blended back in with the crowd, not wanting to commit to the purchase without knowing the price.
 Unbeknownst to me, my mom went and asked the same thing!  She however followed through and actually bought the kit :)  So, great minds think alike!
 It is reversible but I don't think I'll be using the more plain side.  I just love the other fabric!
 The pockets could be a bit bigger and more to the front.  If I ever make the pattern again I will try to alter that for my body type.
See, such CUTE fabric!!


  1. I am so sorry for your loss, I would say it gets better with time, but that is a lie. You just tolerate it better. The apron is very very cute!!!

  2. I am an apron lover too!.. Oh and by the way, love your curtain treatment over the sink. COOL!

  3. love the apron; that was so sweet of your mom to get it for you :-) I'm so sorry for your loss! She looks like she was a hoot :-)
    hugs ~ Tracy

  4. Oh I am so sorry for your loss Alissa! I agree with Shauna that you just tolerate it better as the time goes by. I love that apron. I love aprons but forget to wear them then when I make a mess wonder why I didn't wear it and then I forget and the cycle continues. Enjoy yours!!