Sunday, June 11, 2017

A summer time presence :-)

Hello there! Well, it certainly has a been a bit since I last posted. I have been busy and I've had much going on in my heart. I always think if I just wait till the perfect moment it'll come out better. We'll see :-) I finished up the quilting on my little sister's lady quilt!
 She did all of the piecing for this quilt. She did decide that it was okay for me to go ahead and do the quilting. I chose to do an all-over clamshell pattern starting at the diagonal corner. I really like how it turned out.
 It was fun to use this crazy French backing fabric. No idea where I got it :-)

 I spent an entire Saturday earlier this month just quilting. It was such a nice treat :-) I also spent at that time listening to my Bible app on my phone. It was very refreshing and I listened from Mark all the way through part of Romans :-)
I wanted to use up some of the scraps from past projects that I've kept. This one are the checkers and rails left over from my very first quilt :-) only took me about 15 years to get it finished. It's just a small wall hanging or tabletop quilt but I really like it.

 Summer is upon us here in central Nebraska. I'm enjoying the sunshine and warm weather as I do all the seasons I love to see it change. Totally in love with the look of this wheat field behind my parents house too :-)


  1. Nebraska! I hadn't yet worked out that you are in Nebraska. I don't think I know anybody else in Nebraska....
    I'm sorry that you are in a not so pleasant season ~ I know it's tough! I also am fairly confident that when your heart heals and you are more fully 'back to yourself' - your 'yourself' will be different. better. More Christlike. Hugs
    (That backing is perfect for that quilt - which turned out super! and yes - that wheat field is beautiful! It just causes one to breath a little more slowly (provided one is *looking* at it, and not having to bring in the harvest ;-)

  2. Hello Alissa! You did a beautiful job of the quilting on your sister's quilt. I think the backing really suits. And doesn't it feel good to get a long time project finished? Your blue and white quilt would make a gorgeous table cover or wall hanging!