Friday, September 22, 2017

Finish It Up Friday...USA Map!

I remember saving the link to this pattern several years ago.  I don't do much applique but it just looks so fun!
 Well, a friend messaged me several weeks ago asking if I could make her little boy another quilt.  The map was her idea and sounded great!
 I first found a cool world map tutorial but thought that for a one year old...maybe the country they are from might be a better option.
Choosing each of the 50 fabrics from my scraps was harder than I thought it would be.  Once I had them all found and the states cut out I still had to do some rearranging for states that just seemed to disappear.  Texas is actually brown minkie!  Washington is corduroy and Oregon is satin!
I only accidentally left off California once...oh and Louisiana too!  Oops! 
I embroidered a little heart in the part of our lovely state that he is from.  Then I just did some starburst lines out from the heart for the quilting!
The back was too boring with just one fabric so I made a 3rd patchwork strip to go down the back.  It came out at about 42 x 48 ish ;)  Hurray for another fun finish!!
I also finished up my 3rd card table play house for a lady at work!
I picked up a set of heavy canvas like curtains at Goodwill last time I went.  There was just the right amount of fabric to make this little house.
Embellishments like applique are not my strongest ability.  I have tried hard to make all 3 of her houses cute with some adornments!  Rick Rack doesn't get used much by me either so I pulled all that I had out and used it!
Hmm, well yesterday was a finish for the season of summer.
I picked these today...hehe, hello fall!
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  1. I really like the map quilt, I will have to keep it in mind. The card table playhouse is such a great idea, love it.

  2. This was so interesting as I am making 2 map quilts right now. I like the patchwork strips and also I didn't have Alaska above so I may change that. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Oh exciting! I hope yours turn out well. The ones that I looked at did not have Alaska above either but I wanted to place it where it kind of sort of goes.