Friday, October 06, 2017

Finish it up Friday...Fall Pillows.

Just like that summer is finished and fall is here! All summer a lovely couple brought us fresh cut flowers from their garden to brighten the tables at the assisted living apartments I work at. I miss them already!
I do love fall though! Snuggling down in a comfy quilt next to my woodstove is a perk of the cooler weather.
I am officially finished as the local quilt guild project leader also. It was a good opportunity for me but it will be nice to not feel the pressure to get those projects cranked out.
I turned the last project block into a fall pillow. While I was at it I finished up the block from my first project and made it a pillow as well. Only took a year to finish that poor turkey! 

Happy Fall Ya'll!!
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  1. Enjoy your festive Autumn-themed pillows!!

  2. Only a year? I've got much older UFOs than that!!

    1. Hehe, yes I have some much older UFOs as well! Felt good that this one was only a year old!;)