Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Project 366- June 16, 2008

Sometimes I just have a day where I just can't get worked up for the day. This was one of those days. It was also a bit of a slow day for me at the chiropractor. I was pretty much caught up in my daily tasks. I hate making up things to do, when I know there is tons to do at home. I did find enough to do. Workman's Compensation cases refuse to leave me alone:S

Today's lunch break was so relaxing and refreshing. I brought a lunch and took it to Tomahawk. The air was nice and cool and the sunshine warm, calling for a picnic. I took my blanket, books and food and enjoyed over an hour under a cottonwood of giant proportions. It was so neat to hear the wind through the leaves. I enjoyed some good reading too.

I got pretty far into a book we bought from the library back room. It was once a book in the Berwyn Township Library. Knowing nothing about its contents I began, and I was pleasantly surprised. The book follows the educaton of a young woman named Agnes Grant. I was purely thinking in terms of school education, but as I read I found that it is solidly based around her spiritual education as she draws near to her Savior, Jesus Christ. Very good, very good.

When I got home I found mom and the kids. It was only then that I remembered 4-H dog practice was tonight. I chatted with dad for a bit and then headed down to the school. I am so excited! I found a spot in the classroom floor that is scraping up so easily!! Hurrah! The simple things, the simple things.

I did get home before the return of everyone since I had a cake to bake. Quinn is finally having is birthday party with some of his friends on Wednesday. Third times the charm proved to be true on his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake. Remember that one that I spilled into the oven?


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