Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Project 366- July 15, 2008

I'm so not good at planning. I think about planning a lot, but I wait until the last minute to actually do it. Then I freak out and panic and cry a bit, but it has always worked out. I'm trying to mend my ways, so today I planned. I picked out lessons for Merritt, I picked out project for Merritt, and I even made a list of items to buy for Merritt. Whew! Hard work.

We had a meeting at work finally. It has been over a month so there was a lot to discuss. I feel it went well, even though we had food;P Hehe, inside. That put me in town for awhile. I listened to DC Talk at a very loud volume every time I was in the car:)

Tonight we used the Elvis Yahtzee Mom won at Bunco. Poor dad had trouble reading the teeny numbers in the corners with his bad bi-focals. He won though and he wasn't cheating, I watched. He got not one, but TWO Yahtzees. Brenna got one too, but alas I did not. Sad day.


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