Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Project 366- July 29, 2008

I was a 4-H project leader in our household today. Brenna is taking photography and I got deemed in charge of accomplishing said project. One of her chosen categories was shadow fun. Guess what...the sun was behind clouds every time we went outside to take pictures:S I didn't need any added frustrations due to non-controlled variables. Hehe, see I did listen in science class:) Needless to say, we did most of our shadows down in the dark basement and added the light needed. That was the least of this projects worries. Brenna had to fill out an information sheet for each photo category. She had three and it took her at least 2 hours to fill them out. She was wailing and moping and whining about filling those suckers out. It was RIDICULOUS!! We were finally running out of time and I set a timer for 10 minutes...she finished one and a half of the information sheets in 10 minutes!:

We had another work meeting and it just hit me wrong. That and about anything that Satan could push on me to make me depressed. I was miserable most of the afternoon. Arg, such a battle sometimes. The Lord is my strength.

I haven't gone to dog practice in many months so I decided to go along tonight. It was forever long as always, but I kept reading my book for most of it. I got in the car to run to the grocery store before closing time to find Quinn hiding in the back. He got reprimanded for something by a non-family member and he was hiding:)


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  1. Your 4-H stories always bring back such memories. Do you remember having to do sheets for the baking projects that involved figuring out how many calories were in a serving of a baked good you had made? You had to add all the calories for each ingredient and then divide it out for a serving. Nightmare!