Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Project 366- July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July! I'm afraid today lost its festiveness for our family. We were separated and grieving, but we tried to do a little to celebrate. Mom, Brenna and I stayed at Aunt Zelda's house. We made it out for awhile when they went to pick out a casket at the mortuary. We went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some stuff for Brenna's 4-H projects. I snagged some art supplies as well and 1920s fabric for my Sun Bonnet Sue quilts.

It was nice to get out for a bit, I do enjoy driving through residential areas of Lincoln. There are so many neat houses and yards. They all have trees which is refreshing, and not just baby trees.

Cayliss decided she was up to a 4th get together at a nearby friend's house. The rest of us went out for pizza. Hehe, something funny happened and Aunt Zelda got to laughing so hard she was tearing up. I was happy to see her smiling and laughing during this hard time. I love Aunt Zelda. She is always thinking of others, never for herself. Speaking of which, aunt Zelda had Cayliss pick out some fireworks for Brenna to enjoy.

We drove down to a place we could see the city firework display from and sat down to relax. It was quite early really but it felt nice to just be. I lit off the smoke bombs and sparklers we had. Ugh, I don't like firecrackers:S This was probably the fastest anyone has ever lit off their fireworks:) The big show wasn't too amazing. We're spoiled to get and sit right underneath them at Melham Park back at home. We did get an impromptu viewing of some others at a nearby lake on our way home.

Happy Fourth.


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