Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Project 366- September 2, 2008

We started today off right...with homemade pancakes!! Yummy!
Quinn got a bear and Brenna got a "turtle". I say "turtle" because it got a bit mishapen:S It was still yummy.

This week is a bit like a vacation for me. Since I didn't have to work yesterday, I have 5 days in a row off! It has been fabulous and the timing is great! I've been working a lot on my quilting/fabric projects. Have I mentioned that I'm going to try and sell things at the Junk Jaunt? I may create an Etsy store after that so I can continue creating.
The weather is changing in Nebraska and fall is filtering in. I love the changing of seasons and summer to fall is no exception. The cool, crispness of the air is exhilarating to me. Today I actually needed a jacket.
I did have a work meeting this afternoon. It wasn't long. I took my sewing machine in to Kathy. It is doing weird things like zigzag stitching when it is set on straight:S Arg. Check out this house. Can you see that it is OFF THE GROUND??? A classmate of mine's parents own this house. I've always hoped they would finish fixing it up. I think that it may happen;)
The apples are ready. I cut up apples and mom turned it into sauce. Yummy! These are all from our very own trees:)

This afternoon the kids and I went on a walk. We pretended we were being chased by bad guys and we were trying to locate the magic tree that would free the good king and his army.
It was such a great day for a walk. Stella came too!
Project 366 picture: The sunflowers are out in all their glory right now. They make such good subjects. I climbed a tree:) Ahhh, help I'm stuck!!

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  1. Oh the days of pancakes made into the shapes of whatever your mom was adventurous enough to try. One of those lovely sweet memories of growing up.