Saturday, January 03, 2009

Friends, Coffee and a Side of Encouragement

Hurray for holidays which bring home friends from far away!!!

It was been lovely to have Tori here for the past week. We got to enjoy one another's company at a Christmas party we hosted first. It was quite a fun time, with exciting word games to boot.
Then I got to enjoy her company a second time when we had lunch with the lovely Miss Hajdas. I so much appreciate getting together and not having to "work" at conversation. We have known each other for so long that I don't feel like I need to make this HUGE impression on her.

Today we got together, just the two of us. I was so sad that it turned out to be a cold and blustery day because it caused me to doubt my desire to come to town for this meeting. Silly me, it was so worth the time to wash my hair and zip on in by way of the Contour;)
We met at Hazel's for coffee. I had yet to try out the newest coffee establishment in town, what an opportunity!
It was SUCH an encouraging time together. I really wanted to hear about her time at orientation with CrossWorld and I'm so glad I made an effort to do so. She has learned so much and it has opened my eyes to ways I need to grow as well.
May the Lord bless you and keep you in 2009! I can't believe it is already here!!

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  1. Thank you so much for dedicating your blog entry to me! I so appreciated our coffee date together to talk and catch up! I love you Alissa!