Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Columns

I told you I'd share the columns.
Here they are.I had no idea that these were such cool historical columns.
This marker explains their history.
"Antelope Park
The four sandstone columns in this park entrance were
quarried in Virginia and used in the construction of the
Federal Treasury Building in Washington D.C. on a site selected
by President Jackson in 1836.
Between these columns President Lincoln stood to
review the troops during the Civil War. When in 1907
the treasury building was remodeled, these drum columns
were purchased by Cotter T. Bride of Washington D.C.
and in 1916 presented to the city of Lincoln."

I think they are nifty.
Quinn tried to knock one down:)
Haha, he didn't succeed.
Two were already down.

Macho, macho man!
There was a little sign that listed all the dates that this spot is reserved for weddings.
They do make a pretty neat backdrop.


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  1. We're attending a wedding there in a couple of weeks. Kenson is the ringbearer and Derek is a groomsmen. Just cuz I know you care...