Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bunco...Christmas Style, And Sewing Distractions

We had a Christmas Party of sorts for Bunco in December.
It involved A LOT of food:)
There were some sweet guest appearances by Bob and Fred.
Harriet came to play as well.
Like I said...there was A LOT of food. Karen was lamenting the consumption of something;)
Now, usually only 6 people win prizes. We decided to have everyone bring a prize. There weren't any guidelines given for these prizes which made it all the more fun!
Lisa had to help Tami on with her prize!!
Mom got more Scentsy. Hurray!
Here are two of the prizes that were had! Clara knitted those little snowmen, ADORABLE!
I received a lovely ceramic Christmas bowl, but I failed to get a picture of said bowl.
Here is the prize I brought. I made it using some frames that we found at my grandma's.
I was quite excited for it, because of how well I feel it turned out:) Karen won it and said it matches the colors in her bedroom quilt!!

That was one of my small distractions from finishing the Joann's contest quilt.
Here is another one of my small distractions.
I made stockings for my good friend Shilo and her little family:)
Don't worry though, in the wee hours of this morning I finished the binding on my contest quilt. Now it is off to work, then home to take the quilt pictures and prepare them for mailing.
I suppose after that I should pack...we are driving to Nevada tomorrow!


  1. Love the stockings! What a nice gift to give to a newly married couple, even though that isn't how you did it for Shilo. The best part of that would be that if you did two as wedding gifts, you would easily have a gift for every baby that followed.

  2. looks like a great time! I've only played Bunco a couple of times, but it was so much fun when I did.