Monday, January 03, 2011

The Sweater

I was so excited to be done with all my projects for our trip to Nevada. I found a pattern and bought some yarn to knit myself a sweater.
It was a perfect project for the long car ride.
After many hours of Bleak House on my mp3 player I was coming right along.
By the time we got home I had half a sweater done!
I continued to work on the project after we returned and slowly but surely was getting somewhere until...
...I ran out of yarn. I was this far into the project:
The silly sweater was missing only a cuff.
This yarn cost more than I would normally spend and I have no desire or funds to go buy more.
Alas, upon re-trying it on I discovered it really was a bit too tight:S
And so, this is my sweater now:
Perhaps someday soon I'll be inspired to try making it into something else:)
I did finish one knitting project though.
This was Brenna's Christmas present, my first felting project.

At least she turned out:)



  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I almost cannot look at those formerly-a-sweater balls of yarn! At least you were listening to my favorite book while you were knitting, so your time wasn't wasted! ;-) And I love Brenna's felted ballerina!! I love felting.

  2. I have had this happen many times!!! Actually it seems like it happens on every project that I get it started and have to wind it up in a ball again since it's not the right size!!! It did look awesome though good job! The dolly is very cute, I haven't tried felting yet, did you get the pattern online?

  3. Oh I am so sorry! Those are the worst-when what you've made is basically just a waste of time. Although maybe you learned something while you were doing it...