Sunday, March 20, 2011

Needlecrafting Fun!

Well, most of you probably read about The Sweater I was making on my Nevada trip.
The yarn sat around for a month or so and I tried to find a different sweater pattern to try. I did try one, but didn't make it very far as the neckline turned out to be bigger than my waist:S
So, I started a baby afghan.
I finished it!
That picture shows the color and this one shows the pattern off a bit better, plus I like the black and white.
Now what should I do with a baby afghan. I don't need it, no.
Hmm, my dear friend Clara is having a baby!!
Her shower was last week.
See the little fabric bundle with the pink ribbon?
Yay, she likes it!!
She is a fellow blue-lover.
And even if she has a girl, every little girl needs plenty of blue in her accessories.
So there is a project completed.
I wanted to start something new and I still have yet to figure out crocheting.
So, the other night as we were watching The Sound of Music
I tried to figure it out yet again.
I DID IT!!!!
I have this pattern for another baby afghan and so look what I have done!
I have to hold it up often and say, "Yay, I can crochet!"



  1. I love our afghan! I can't wait to force poor baby to love all of the blue things, too. :)

  2. The afghan you made for Clara is quite lovely!