Thursday, May 26, 2011

Impromptu Adventure

I had an extra day off last week.

I was supposed to have jury duty, but it was cancelled the day before.

I decided to go on my very own adventure;)

Aunt Gladys as well as mom's vacuum have been down in Kearney for a few weeks.

Aunt Gladys had a case of the runaways. If you plugged her in she simply took off:S

We had planned on a friend picking them up, but I decided to use my free day to do so.
I also looked into a few historical markers to be found. Yay!
You'll see by the sign that I had to travel through Odessa. The markers I got were both at interstate rest areas.
They were on opposite sides so I had to do a bit of a loop in order to get them.
You know, on the interstate, off the interstate, back on the interstate and off again...
Hehe, for the second one I had to hang my camera out of a tree...upside down.
I brought my gorilla pod along, but it didn't work with these markers tilted to the sky.
Luckily enough there was a nice tree right in front:) The first one had a trashcan.
It was a very wet day.
This is how it was most of the day, when it wasn't pouring.

I had a few more markers in mind, but had to cut it short.

I did have the final day of Super Kids Club to come home to.

And as I came home the skies cleared a bit.

And then the storm clouds followed me home:)


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