Saturday, May 05, 2012


What do you get when you give dad and Quinn duct tape?
Something like this:)
I decided that Olga's shape just wasn't quite right.  So, I tore her apart, saved the stuffing and put her out for the trash.  Quinn found her and decided she looked an awful lot like armor.  We did have to do some duct tape surgery to take care of the chest bumps.
Then he wanted a helmet.  I gave him the duct tape and a ski mask.  He and dad went at it.  Here is what he got.
Unfortunately, the ski mask idea didn't pan out as well as we thought and was really hard to get on and off.  It was fun to watch though.
Almost as fun to watch as this:
Here are a few more Farmer's wife quilt blocks I've finished.

Happy Saturday!  I'm off to watch some soccer games.



  1. Really like the aqua and brown and the red, white and black one.

  2. I really like the yellow and green square. :)