Monday, December 29, 2014

Once Upon A Slagle Christmas

  Hey there!  We had my brother and his family here for Christmas week!
It was a pretty laid back week since they all ended up getting sick.
We managed to muster up for Christmas morning.
I made my little sister cry with her gift of a wizard of oz quilt.  I will be sure to post about it soon!
Most of us spent the rest of the day at my aunt's house.  I wore one of my presents.
Hehe, do you know what they are?  My cousin passed down a pair of Uggs, with small holes in the toe.  Sooo, my little sister cut the feet off and gave them to me as leg warmers.  :D
It was quite the year for silly gifts.  There was flarp, troll ties, fake cats and a "dead bird."
We had a wonderful day! I just wish there hadn't been any sickies missing out!

My cousin was a bit disturbed by this post from back in March.  Grandma helped us out with supplying a fake dead bird to give him as his gift.
And just to share a bit of the hilarity with you, here is a video of my cousin opening the "dead bird."

Happy New Year!


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