Friday, January 09, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...Brenna's Wonder of Oz Quilt

Since I made Quinn his very own Star War's Lego quilt for his birthday I decided it was time for Brenna to get a Wizard of Oz quilt.  She loves the books more than the movie so when I found oz fabric (Magic of Oz, by Wilmington Prints) that wasn't the movie I snatched it up.
 I purchased the panel of 8 squares featuring cool oz prints and some coordinating fabrics too.
For the other blocks I looked up some quilt blocks that would go along with the theme.
This one is the Kansas Star.
 Kansas Troubles.
 Home Again.
 World's Fair.
 The fabrics were lovely!  I really like this one I used for a top and bottom border.
 I kept the quilting pretty simple since there is a lot going in this one.  Here are some of the panel blocks.
 This block is technically called California Trail I think, but it looks like a twister so I went with it.  I was able to spiral it out to the edges of the quilt.
 I used a green and read plaid on the back.  She opened and saw that side first and wasn't quite as thrilled as when she turned it around :)
 More fun fabrics.

 This quilt comes in as a twin size.  It could have been wider, but I was quickly running out of fabric.  I actually used scraps to finish up the binding.
 She was excited to have her little "Oz Corner" expand to her bed :)



  1. Love the word're a great sister!

  2. Aww, I love her Oz corner.

    LOVE the yellow brick road in the middle! LOVE that you used all of those themed blocks. And I think the plaid on back looks great!

    <3 <3 <3

  3. This is a fantastic quilt! That yellow brick road is perfect, and I love how the other pieced blocks are incorporated into the whole theme of the quilt. Fabulous job!

  4. What a precious quilt! I love the yellow brick road! My DIL bought a couple yards of this fabric to use for a Wizard of Oz display she did at her son's preschool. She gave it to me afterwards , so now it sits in my stash. I just love your quilt.

  5. What a sweet gift! My sisters and I read most of the books too. You have incorporated so many fun elements! Your sister must just love it!