Friday, December 16, 2016

Finish It Up Friday...What the Doors Became.

So I replaced some of the old farmhouse doors in my house with french doors.
That left perfectly wonderful doors sitting around.  So I got creative and searched for some good projects using old doors. 
First up, I made a coffee table.  It is a big table, but looks great with my uber long couch :)
I didn't paint it at all, just left it as is.  I would like to get a push plate to cover where the door knob is for looks.
My dad is a trooper and did all the cuts in the actual doors.  I did the boards for the bottom.  I bought some sofa feet too, to get it up off the floor.
For the first two projects I set up the saw and such in the was a bit messy.  For the final one I was able to keep it all on the back porch/laundry room.
My second project required 2 doors, a bookshelf.
One door for the back and one cut in half for the sides!  I just used random pieces of press board/wood for the shelves.
It was okay, but I decided it might need some paint.  Brenna helped me out and we just did a quick paint.  Not very carefully, which kind of gives it a distressed look.
There is some sag in my shelves, which everyone points out.  When I get a chance, I'll cut new ones with real wood, but the work for now.

I did both of those right after I moved in, so I could put stuff away.
The final project is a corner shelf out of one door.  I had to go buy more 1 x 2 boards and just kept putting it off.  But last week, I did it!  I used dad's miter box kit and started sawing out those angles.
It went pretty smoothly!  I didn't quite manage to get a true 90 degree angle, but it'll do!
Hurray! I am finding that I kind of enjoy cutting things up with a circular saw ;)
Feels good to have them done!



  1. Wow, great work. They look really good.

  2. These look amazing!

  3. Awesome way to use what you already have! You are so handy!

  4. Great use of the old doors - love it all!